Happy Clients

Elisa instilled in me a passion for driving, giving me the confidence, the knowledge and background to be very comfortable both pleasure driving and in competition. Elisa covers every detail required to make a safe driver. Even now, after so many years of driving I still think about how Elisa insisted on correct procedures rather than short cuts. Once Elisa moved to the Cariboo, I was able to get her expertise via email which she shared in great detail and whenever required.
Thank you Elisa, I really appreciate your professional approach to teaching drivers and training the horse.

-Karen MacGregor

I met Elisa when she moved her horse into the same stable I was boarding my horse at. At that time I had been showing and training horses for many years as well as instructing riding. To impress me, a trainer has to have many qualities, but I consider above all, patience with horse and student, just as important as knowledge of the sport. In both these areas I found Elisa more than meeting the requirements for a driving coach. From the very start Elisa made the sport of driving not only fun for me but for my horse as well. I constantly got comments on how happy Shira looked as a driving horse. Elisa took Shira and I on a great adventure and in the first year of Driving we won the "Best Dressage" title at the Victoria Driving Trials. Shira and I went on to win many driven dressage classes as well as Open Driving classes and Championships. It was the "Classical" training that I received from Elisa that stood the test of time to this day. When you have a Coach like Elisa that starts the horse and rider off in such a professional and technically correct way it is bound to stay with you. Now that my dear Shira is in her retirement years and she has a bit of arthritis in her joints I can still take her out in the buggy a couple time a week, and I thank Elisa for giving me this gift.
-Lorraine Yates

We first contacted Elisa when we wanted a refresher lesson with our experienced mare Gamine. We were going into a driving show and needed to work on a few problems. Elisa had her moving like a pro again in no time. When it was time to train our 3 year old to harness, we chose Elisa immediately. After two months, Pippin returned to us as a happy driving horse. She was so comfortable in her harness career that she was one of the driving horses used in a clinic Elisa held at our farm in 2010. She was well-behaved being driven by several beginning drivers. One family attending the clinic enjoyed her so much that they bought her soon afterward. Pippin is now driven around our rural neighbourhood and wooded trails, a result of her solid early training. We always recommend her to others seeking training for themselves or their horses.
Susan and Richard Arthur
Elk River Canadians
Barriere, BC

"I had an excellent experience with Elisa, working closely with her from the very first day with two different horses. Her emphasis on doing things correctly and with safety as the highest priority was exactly what I needed. She went beyond the call of duty to support myself and my wife (navigator) in every aspect of the sport. We also had a lot of fun."
Ron and Fran Compton
Surrey, BC